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Success Stories

 Quotes from Our Patients

I get adjusted because:

"It makes me feel alive." CG

"It heals my whole person." BK

"I want a better lfe."  TM

"It restores my wiring back to its original state so that my body can heal itself and it feels good."  EP

"I love feeling well- Dr. C is the best!!! My health and body have never felt better." DW

Chiropractic Care helps me to:

"Be able to function better-gave me hope and continues to do so.  Dr. C has healing hands." DC

"Stop the aging process." PD

"Relieve stress and maintain blood pressure."  SD

"Be more aware of how I move.  I have felt positive results in all areas.  My overall well-being has improved.  Chronic areas have been helped tremendously."  JLJ


"Feel healthy, sleep better, etc."  MR

Since being under chiropractic care I am most pleased with:

"My decreased frequency of common colds.  (And I like the office music too.) BF

"My life-now I am open to joy and love." CG

"The comfort I feel doing everday things in my very active life." DG

"Feeling better physically and knowing I get good advice with good results."  JH

"Feeling better, sleeping better and being able to care for my children better."  SK

"The way I feel getting up in the morning.  Not so 'stiff'."  KL

"How well I have gotten to know my body. I am so much more aware of it's needs.  This in turn gives me better physical and emotional wellness."  FM

"Staying awake, alive, and staying fit." JR (10 year old boy)

"How strong my immune system has become." NS (14 year old girl)

Additional Comments:

"I have a healthier outlook on life.  I have incorporated stretching exercises into my daily routine.  I am more aware of proper nutrition.  I complain less.  I am able to be a lot more positive with the people I interact with.  I am able to relax much more easily.  I have more energy.  I am much more in control of how I feel."   MK

"Chiropractic has helped me connect the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of healing."  L

"I fell more flexible, not just phyically but mentally."

"I feel renewed after each visit to Dr. Cartagine.  I have fewer physical complaints and I have better posture.  The stress in my life is less as time goes by."  PM

"The combination of emotional and physical trauma brought me to chiropractic care just as I began a new part of my life's journey.  Chiropractic has made me more aware of and respectful of my body.  I sit and walk more comfortably.  I eat better and feel lighter and more connected with myself."  TAL

"One of my biggest improvements is my emotional growth............Thank you for everything."  AC

"I feel passion and passionate in my being........and for the special people in my life.  I feel blessed........Thank you for helping me get myself back."

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